Global Electronics Firm ‘Kuvings’ Attends Canton Fair, the Biggest Export Exhibition in China Leave a comment

The global electronics firm Kuvings is participating in the Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, China, for five days from the 15th to the 19th.

The ‘Canton Fair,’ which Kuvings attends each year, is the most prestigious trade exhibition in China, and held twice a year in Guangzhou in April and October. It will take place in the Import and Export Fair Complex.

Kuvings is planning to show its new product, a high-speed vacuum blender, as well as various electronics product lines including the Whole Slow Juicer Chef.

The company displayed its high-speed vacuum blender at the ‘IFA 2017’ held in Berlin, Germany, in September and caught the eyes of international buyers. In particular, it was introduced as an innovative company by the German news channel n24 and IFA magazine, proving its status as a global brand.

Kuvings’ vacuum blender is a high-speed blender that reduces the destruction of nutrients by further lowering noise with an anti-noise cover and employing a vacuum feature. With general blenders, nutrients are destroyed as vegetables or fruit touch blades; with the vacuum blender, however, you can minimize oxidation and destruction of nutrients as it works after a vacuum phase.

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