Kuvings’ Juicer EVO820 to be Selected as a Finalist in the Excellence in Housewares Awards in the U.K. Leave a comment

Wide (82 mm) feed chute that accommodates a whole fruit

Best-selling premium juicer in the U.K.

Kuvings’ premium juicer EVO820 received the honor of being selected as a ‘Finalist’ in the Excellence in Housewares Awards.

Equipped with a ‘82 mm-wide mouth that fits a whole fruit,’ EVO820 enables users to make juice easily without having to cut fruit or vegetables. It also keeps the juice cool and minimizes nutrient destruction by gently squeezing the ingredients.

With the simple juicing method and high-class leather patterned design, EVO820 juicer has already become a best seller in the home appliance sector in the U.K.

British female consumers association “Good Housekeeping Institute” gave EVO820 a rave review for its excellent performance that it slowly squeezes fruit to make fresh juice within just 2.5 minutes.

EVO820 juicer was awarded a Winner in Red Dot Design Award of Germany in 2017 and a Finalist in Spark Awards of the U.S. in 2018, being recognized for its competitiveness in global design awards.

Being awarded a Finalist means a lot to us, because the Excellence in Housewares Awards is an authoritative award in the British home appliance sector, said an official of Kuvings. We will continue our research and development to release innovative products, he added.

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