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Kuvings Receives Kitchen Innovation Awards for its Innovative Technology Leave a comment

Health home appliance brand Kuvings received an award for its new product, the Smart Juicer, at the German Kitchen Innovation Award, “Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2020.” Smart Juicer was recognized as an excellent product in three sectors: functions, innovation, and design. This has proven Kuvings’ excellent technology and competitiveness once again on the global stage.

Winning at the Kitchen Innovation Awards, Kuvings had an award ceremony and cooking show for winners at “Ambiente” held in Frankfurt, Germany from the 7th to 11th.

The Smart Juicer is an innovative product that received the winning prize at the German Red Dot Design Award, one of the top three design awards in the world, in 2019. Equipped with a body composition meter, it goes beyond simply juicing, and recommends customized juice by analyzing the user’s body shape. Users can receive recommended recipes customized for them through a mobile app linked with the juicer and take care of their health efficiently using a variety of contents, such as cooking recipes, workout videos, and calorie control.

In addition, unlike conventional juicers that require users to cut ingredients into small pieces before juicing, the Smart Juicer has a wide mouth that accommodates entire ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, increasing user convenience and capturing consumers’ attention.

“Receiving the Kitchen Innovation Awards is another opportunity for NUC Electronics to show our market presence to the world,” said President Kim Jong-boo of Kuvings. “We displayed a range of signature products such as our IoT Smart Juicer and Master Chef CS700 at Ambiente in Germany, and we also attracted the attention of buyers and visitors with a new product, our multi electric grill,” he added.

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