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Kuvings Accelerates Expanding its Business into the European Market Through ‘2018 Ambiente’
Premium Juicer and Vacuum Blender Gain Favorable Reviews from International Buyers

Premium home appliance brand Kuvings announced the release of its new product (EVO820) at ‘2018 Ambiente,’ one of the biggest consumer goods exhibitions in the world, held February 9-13 in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the show, Kuvings displayed a variety of product lines boasting both convenience and excellent design along with the premium juicer EVO820. Above all, EVO820 and the Vacuum blender ‘SV-500’ were well received by European buyers.

The company expects that there will be more opportunities to discuss business with international buyers and introduce its new products through this exhibition so that they can further enter the European market.

Released at last year’s Ambiente for the first time, Kuvings’ vacuum blender also became a hot issue among international participants at this year’s exhibition. Equipped with three special features including ‘vacuum,’ ‘high-speed’ and ‘low noise,’ this product is one in which all drawbacks of previous blender models have been improved.

Instead of enhancing the soft texture with high-speed blending, it minimizes oxidation that occurs when blending fruit and nutrient destruction in a vacuum, and lowers machine sound from blending with a ‘Vacuum & Noise Reduction Cover.’

Kuvings has increased its status by attending Ambiente in Germany, where 140,000 officials in relevant business sectors visit each year.

The home appliance maker has been highly recognized for its unique design competitiveness by receiving awards at global design awards such as the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ in Germany and ‘IDEA’ and ‘Spark Design Award’ in the US. In particular, ‘Kuvings High-speed Quiet Vacuum blender’ was the winner at the ‘iF Design Award’ this year, proving its design competitiveness once again.

“We participate in Ambiente every year, and this year’s show was a great opportunity for us to establish a solid foothold as a premium home appliance brand,” said an official from Kuvings.

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