Whole Slow Juicer Chef … Expanded in 33 Stores Across the Nation

The global electronics brand Kuvings is now used at Tous Les Jours in Dakao, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
The Kuvings announced that Tous Les Jours Dakao in Vietnam started using Kuvings’ commercial juicer, Chef (CS600), for juice sales starting this month.

Along with the recent craze for detox juice around the world, healthy juice culture has also spread to Vietnam.
The Kuvings commercial juicer that recently entered Tous Les Jours is designed for business use at cafes and restaurants.

The juicer is receiving attention for the following advantages: being equipped with a motor for business use that can run for 24 consecutive hours unlike home juicers, and being able to accommodate a whole apple and other fruits with a mouth of 88mm.

As it shortens the time required for preparing and extracting ingredients for cafes or restaurants where the freshness of juice is essential, the juicer is preferred by current and future cafe owners. The dual mouth can take in fruits and vegetables according to the characteristics of ingredients, making extraction easy and convenient.

Kuvings’ Whole Slow juicer, Chef, has already been highly recognized globally by receiving international design awards this year before being launched in the Korean market.

It won Winner at the IF design award in Germany last January and at the Red Dot Design Award in Germany in March. Moreover, in May, the juicer was selected as a Finalist at IDEA (Industrial Designers Society of America).

“As Vietnam is rich in tropical fruits, the trend of extracting fruit with a juicer has been created,” said an official from Kuvings. “Kuvings’ Whole Slow juicers will enter 33 stores across the country in the future,” he added.