Kuvings’ EVO820 Juicer Selected as Best Juicer by the Powerful British Newspaper “The Independent” Leave a comment

The home appliance brand Kuvings’ premium juicer “EVO820” won the title of “the best juicer” in the UK among  the “11 Best Juicers” selected by the powerful British newspaper “The Independent.”

Introducing 11 different juicers, The Independent especially compared “EVO820” to the Rolls Royce of juicers, mentioning that there was no need to buy many kitchen appliances and EVO820 was worth the investment.

Kuvings’ EVO820 has an 82 mm chute to fit whole round fruits such as apples, oranges, lemons, and kiwis in without having to pre-cut them.

Unlike existing products, you do not need to pre-cut ingredients. The product has become highly recognized when it comes to user convenience for this reason. Moreover, it is now easier to clean with a wider pulp outlet, and its smart cap that prevents juice dripping and enables mixed juicing and easy cleaning was highly recognized for convenience.

As the “flap-gate” type chute accommodates round fruits and long ingredients, you can insert and extract ingredients more easily.

Furthermore, the leather pattern on the front design makes the product itself as well as your kitchen look more sophisticated.

The excellent performance of Kuvings’ EVO820 juicer has already been highly recognized at the Spark Awards in the United States and the Red Dot Design Award in Germany by being chosen as a Finalist and a Winner, respectively.

One official at Kuvings said, “With EVO820 ranking #1 among other “Best Juicers” selected by the British daily, the Independent, the technology of Kuvings has been recognized in the European market.” “We will become a global company leading world health culture through innovative products,” he added.

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