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Kuvings Participates in German Exhibition ‘IFA 2019’

Health and home electronics brand Kuvings announced that it would display its various products at ‘IFA 2019’, which will be held in Berlin, Germany, September 6-11.

The Kuvings will display upgraded juicers for business use and provide consumers with the opportunity to touch, feel and experience its products at the HealthFriend Smart Juicer (Motiv1) Experience Zone.

The HealthFriend Smart Juicer Motiv1 is equipped with a body composition meter. With the home appliance offering InBody measurement feature, which up until now has only been available at hospitals and gyms, users can make their own customized juice based on their body composition data.

In addition to this, Kuvings is looking to strengthen its position as a global health and home electronics brand by displaying various lines of home appliances, including Vacuum blenders that minimize the destruction of nutrients.

“We are participating in the IFA, which is the biggest one in Europe, every year to further develop ourselves as a global brand. We will continue to show our products and provide differentiated products and services to international customers,” said an official from Kuvings.

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