Kuvings Participates in ‘2018 Ambiente,’ the Biggest Consumer Goods Fair in Germany Leave a comment

Health and home electronics brand Kuvings announced that it would display its new product for this year, the ‘EVO820’ juicer, at ‘2018 Ambiente,’ which will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, February 9-13.

This juicer boasts greater convenience with a wider mouth than existing juicers that can accommodate an entire fruit such as an apple or orange without cutting.

The flip gate-type mouth is designed safely to prevent children from putting their hands inside, and it helps juice easily by accommodating various ingredients in its single mouth.

In particular, the leather pattern on the front side highlights the simple and elegant style.

In addition to this, Kuvings is looking to strengthen its position as a global health and home electronics brand by displaying various lines of home appliances, including high-speed and low-noise vacuum blenders that minimize the destruction of nutrients.

Ambiente in Germany, in which Kuvings participates every year, is the largest consumer goods fair in the world, attracting 4,500 companies and 140,000 people a year. Last year, the Korean juicer maker received rave reviews from international buyers with the first release of its high-speed, vacuum and low-noise blender.

Attending international consumer electronics fairs every year, Kuvings has become a global player in the juicer and blender market. The convenience of accommodating an entire ingredient captivated consumers’ hearts, raising its brand awareness in the European market including Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Denmark.

“We have participated in Ambiente every year and have been highly recognized in the global market for our excellent products and technology. We expect more attention and compliments from international buyers for our new product at this year’s exhibition,” said an official from Kuvings.

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