Kuvings Succeeded at ‘IFA 2017’ With its Own Booth Leave a comment

Kuvings participated in ‘IFA 2017,’ Europe’s biggest exhibition of new consumer electronics, and displayed various products, receiving rave reviews.

Kuvings had its own large booth at this event, and showed their new products this year, Kuvings high-speed vacuum blender (SV-500) and premium juicer.

Kuvings attracted attention from local media after being introduced by a German news channel, N24, and IFA magazine. N24 introduced Kuvings high-speed vacuum blender on their IFA special show, and IFA magazine, which is published every day during the IFA period, mentioned that Kuvings was an innovative company from Korea.

Kuvings vacuum blender (SV-500) boasts 3 advantages of vacuum, high speed and low noise; the innovative product reduced noise and nutrient destruction through vacuum compared to existing high-speed blenders. Being in a vacuum helps less destroy nutrients and keep the taste, fragrance and freshness of juice for a long time.

“IFA was a good opportunity for us to let the world know about Kuvings’ innovative technologies and products,” said an official from Kuvings. “Kitchen electric appliances are closely related to health. We will continue to develop and release innovative products each year for our customers’ health and try to become a global kitchen appliances manufacturer,” he added.

Kuvings exports its juicers to 80 countries in the world, and released a new high-speed vacuum blender this year to further enter into overseas markets.

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