Health Appliance Brand ‘Kuvings’ Captures Consumers’ Hearts in the EU Leave a comment

“There has been a significant increase in consumers who want to buy our products on site; when tasting our juice, they are surprised at its genuine taste and freshness even without additives, as well as its soft feel without solid ingredients. With the increasing credibility of the global health appliance brand ‘Kuvings,’ more people are showing interest in our premium juicer and praising its function of extracting an entire fruit.”

Marketing its health appliances such as juicers and blenders at the ‘Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) 2019’ held on the 6-11th in Berlin, Germany, the Overseas Business Team of Kuvings – who have still not fully recovered from the trip – explained how much European consumers liked their products.

The health appliance company participated in the biggest appliance exhibition in the world, ‘IFA 2019,’ for the 8th time with its own booth, strengthening its position in the global market. The brand name ‘Kuvings’ is no longer a stranger in the health appliance market in Europe.

Kuvings expects that its sales in the European market this year would increase by approximately 20% year on year. The sales of the global brand has continuously increased in Eastern and Western Europe. In fact, 30% of the 80 countries importing its products are in located in Europe. The brand awareness of ‘Kuvings’ has been gradually developing among European consumers.

The chief editor of “Special Report” published by IFA during the show stated: “Releasing innovative home appliances, Kuvings has not only differentiated itself from competitors but also significantly affected the global premium juice market.” “The whole slow juicer that accommodates an entire ingredient requires little preparation for ingredients,” he added in a positive review on the innovative aspect of its products.

The company is planning to further strengthen its marketing in the Israeli market and work with existing local buyers in Europe such as Germany, France, and Italy to keep attracting new buyers. It also plans to become a general electric appliance manufacturer by producing over 100 kinds of small appliances, household appliances, and health appliances for the next five years as well as providing soon-to-be-released new models in a timely manner.

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